Tageszeitung, 09/05/2009
“…despite the serious, engaged themes she addresses, the album (“Sarabah”)impresses with its elegant styling and relaxed, at times melancholy, atmosphere.”

MC Melstar/Jill Turner, Gondwana Sound, 18/05/2009
“She takes her responsibility as an artist seriously and passionately… She is a talented defender of justice, and fighting for rights in life…She is an inspiration”, 29/05/2009
“Ihre Stücke auf Französisch, Wolof und Manding sind typisch afrikanisch, Instrumente wie Kora, Djembe und landesübliche Percussion werden, wie im Opener “Milyamba”, zu organisch integrierten Bestandteilen.”

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    Sister Fa - Tales from the  Flipside of Paradise