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Tomorrow me and my Band will go to Senegal to start our next sensitization campaign called “Education sans Exicision – Tournée de Sensibilisation 2012”. The aim of the tour is to sensitize the people in the villages of Senegal for the harmful consequences of  female genital cutting. The means to get in contact with the people and to make them listen is our music. We will play seven concerts during a period of three weeks in different parts of Senegal. At the same time we will visit several schools to talk to the young generation, we will organize theaters presented by the students, we will meet with the woman and men of the villages to do workshops with them and we will show our movie “Sarabah”, which we have done during our last tour in 2010. The tour will be accompanied by the NGO’s Tostan and Orchid Project.

Every few days we will keep you up to date how our work is moving on here in my blog and we will keep you informed as well via facebook and twitter.

So I hope you all stay with us the next three weeks.

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