Education sans Excision Tour Report April 2013


Since a few days Sister Fa back from Senegal and her sensitization tour “Education sans Excision”. This time it was really hard work because it was extremely hot so that Sister Fa and many others of the staff had serious health problems. But at the end they all made it back to Dakar and we can say that the effort was worth it. Sister Fa was travelling with members of World Vision Senegal, UNESCO, FAWE Senegal and Artwork for Change plus LMNZ (a German rapper) and her Senegalese staff. They visited three villages in the southern region of Kolda. Mandadouane, Kounkane and Dabo. Together with Susan Mensah from Artwork for Change she used the instrument of art to see what the students in the villages know about human rights. They gave them black painted Calabasses and asked them to paint on them what they think are human rights. The results were amazing. The young students were very creative. In every village they went into the school classes to do workshops and talk to the students about Female Genital Cutting. It wasn’t very easy to convince them to talk open to Sister Fa about their own experiences. Two girls for example thought that if they talk open about this practice they can get an illness. In all three villages they also played very successful concerts and they were received by the local authorities and they encouraged them in their work. In total it was a very tuff but successful journey. In May 2013 Sister Fa will be back with her Project in Senegal. This time in the northern region.

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