New Project from Sister Fa in Berlin, Germany


ago-se-DSC08253 (800x533)Sister Fa and her partners in Berlin, Germany are starting a new project to do sensitization work on topics like Female Gential Cutting and child marriage in the different African communities in Berlin.

The project called Assobul is a student circle of artists and friends from many nationalities, namely; Senegal, Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Uganda Ivory Cost, and Burkina Faso. The goal of the group is to offer a platform whereby ideas and experiences earned both in Europe as well as in their home countries can be exchanged. The project is supported from the German organizations Balance -Familienplanungszentrum and Horizonte – für Familien.

ASSOBUL will provide a platform for exchanging ideas and discussions and will address the issue of the girl child protection born in Germany and are a target risk of practices that are illegal in their host country.

The platform will try to clarify and explain the consequences of these practices. Moreover it will be a tool of bringing together the Diaspora community. In doing so, they try as a community to define the role of women in Europe and Africa and their children so that they can no longer be hostages or victims of traditional practices. Also inform the Diaspora community of the legal consequences of such practices in their host country.

It is time for the African community based in Germany to be at the forefront in trying to solve problems related to their traditions and provide significant support to what is already on the ground in Africa in terms of awareness and activities.

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