Sister Fa attacked at her sensitization Tour


Sister Fa is back from her sensitization tour “Education sans Excision” in the region of Fouta, northern Senegal. She already new that the people in this region are very serious concerning this practice. So she was not shure if they will accept her because she is also not from the same ethnie. But she and her staff could really do a very successfull work in Guinea and in three villages in Fouta. To be shure she also got the permition from the local authorities to do her work at the schools. But at the end in one village they didn’t wanted her work and they became really aggressive and before it got physical dangerous for her and her staff they had to leave the village Haere Lao. Please read the full articel on this case below written by We translated it in English. Here you can find the original article in french: Sister Fa agressée à Aéré Lao

Video from the scene at the classroom showing young fanatics opposing against Sister Fa’s work:

Seneweb article:

Fight Against Female Genital Cutting: Sister Fa attacked at Haere Lao

As part of her tour “Education without Cutting”, the rapper Sister Fa had the surprise of her life in Podor (northern Senegal). Back from Guinea, Sister Fa visited Haere Lao with her caravan to sensitize the people on human rights, children’s rights to education, the fight against early marriage of girls, Female Genital Cutting, etc. .. She also came to the local College (Cem), but not without going first to prefecture, where she obtained an administrative authorization from the City Hall. It is at this level where, in the absence of the mayor, she was told by the deputy mayor to suspend her activities.

She naturally refused and went to visit the college. On site, while unfolding her activities based on a participatory model, where the young speak about  their problems themselves, she received at full class a visit of thirty fanatics, all young. When the present teachers and the principal of the college wanted to oppose and expulse these fanatics, Sister Fa took them and asked them to explain the reasons for their presence on the scene, explaining that Female Genital Cutting was prohibited by law 1999. Pretend to be comprehensive, these young then argued that they too wanted to participate at the discussion and massed at the back of the classroom.

But when the debate on Female Genital Cutting started, one of them spoke out that they were there on behalf of the Kalif of Haere Lao and that he was against any ban on FGC, it is, according to them, allowed and even recommended by Islam. This led to heated debates on the position of Islam against excision. The young man, sent by the Kalif, then started threatening the people and tried to approach the rapper, despite the opposition of the representatives of the college, which built a circle, to protect Sister Fa. She was also copiously molested.

One of the fanatics then grabbed violently Sister Fa’s arm to get her out of the place. Her arm still keeps bruises. The representative of the parents, feeling that things were likely to get worse, then advised Sister Fa to suspend her activities. She accepted because of the dangerous situation. Indeed, when she had finished taking her lunch  at a parents house and when the sensitization caravan left Haere Lao she came by at the college and saw a hundred men and women, armed with machetes, clubs and stones, gathered outside.

They thought Sister Fa would return to the scene and were waiting to cause her real problem. This means that she escaped at the last moment. But the prefect warned to send a squad of police reinforcement.  He promised that things will not remain there and that justice would take up the case. (Article written by / Translated from French into English)

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